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Hi we would like to buy your prodcuts ServerCheck and the Sensor Devices. But I wonder does the software ServerCheck have all I need to send SMS thru our own network? Or we need other devices to do that? If so, what are those devices and how do I configure it?


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    For SMS alerting and how to configure please read our help file at following URL (which describes the different options available to you):
  • Hi! Thank you for your immediate reply, I just need to clarify one thing, what do you mean with the "(US)" on the text below. Does this mean that this service only available in the US? Is there any SMSC available for the Philippines?

    Alerts can be generated in several ways. One of them is through SMS or Pager (US).

    When generating an alert through SMS, then you have 3 options:

    Send SMS through an attached Hayes AT compatible data modem

    Send SMS through the Internet ClickATell service

    Send SMS through GSMSoft
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    Pagers are often used in the US to receive text based messages.

    SMS is the actual standard in the rest of the world.

    You will need to check with your Mobile Operator if they have a SMSC available that can be called through a land line supporting the TAP or UCP protocol.

    Safest would be to use the ClickATell Service or the Mobile Messenger app from (which uses a GSM modem to send out SMS alerts).
  • From which do you recommend the Text2GSM, Mobile Messenger or the SmartSMS?

    ANd from ClickATell which service/software do you recommend?
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    As stated in the reply above yours: ServersCheck works with the Mobile Messenger app from

    Regarding ClickATell follow the instructions in the help file step by step.
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