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We recently bought the enterprise version and installed it on server A. We now want to move the software to another server B, but already defined +100 rules. Is it possible to do a clean install on B and restore the necessary files from A to B. We're only interrested in the rules definitions, not the logged data or alerts.

Thanks for your assistance.

Wim Teuwens


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    All the configuration data is stored in the different *.conf files in your main ServersCheck directory.

    By moving them to your new server, you copy your initial config

    If you also want to copy the data then you need to copy 2 directories:

    - the "data" subdirectory

    - the serverscheck_database directory under the root of your main drive
  • powerbouwerpowerbouwer
    Ok thx

    If you want to reset he counters, is deleting the .dat file enough?

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Wim Teuwens
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    The serverscheck.dat file as well as all files in the data subdirectory have to be removed.


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