Setting up an MSN alert


Using 5.6.1 Enterprise.

I'm having trouble setting up an alert using an MSN Message. I setup 2 accounts e.g. A@HOTMAIL.COM and B@MSN.COM. These 2 accounts have each other in their contact list. I setup the A@HOTMAIL.COM account to be used as the 'from' account within ServersCheck, and put the B@MSN.COM account in the userprofile of a team.

Viewing the logfiles I can read that the alert sends a MSN-message. Helas, I don't see any message arrived at B@MSN.COM.

Any ideas?



  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Both accounts can not be running on the same computer as MSN only supports one account per computer.

    If you want to test it, make sure that account A is the from where ServersCheck runs on and account B is running on another computer.
  • powerbouwerpowerbouwer
    Does this mean that MSN Messenger needs to be installed on de server? At this time neither account A or B is logged in on MSN.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Yes and account B needs to be logged in on another computer.

    MSN sends messages directly and does not offer like ICQ the possibility to store the messages.
  • powerbouwerpowerbouwer
    Ok, I think I have it covered now:

    On the server (Account A) : Messenger needs to be installed and messenger must not be signed in.

    On the client (Account B) : Messenger needs to be installed and running.

    Account B needs to in the contactlist of Account A and vice versa.

    I think this is the correct setup?

    Thanks very much
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Yes it is. Sorry for the confusion.

  • powerbouwerpowerbouwer
    No problem. I confused message with e-mail message instead of instant message....

    Thanks for your patience :-)

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