Checks counters reset in version 5.5.1

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I am running ServersCheck Enterprise version 5.5.1 and I recently noticed that some of my checks reset along with the other data listed for some of the monitoring rules.

I also am having an issue with graphs. The monitoring rules that are checking drivespace are running successfully, and the data is there, but the graphs are blank.

After reading some of the posts, I upgraded to 5.6.2 and the graphs are still blank.

Any ideas to solve either of these problems would be greatly appreciated. I also am wondering if I use a SQL table with OBDC logging, if that will prevent this from happening.

Overall, I am very happy with this application. i just need to iron out these 2 bugs and I will be good to go. This has saved us lots of client embarrasment so far by monitoring our server enterprise and keeping us apprised of server health both internal and external.



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    Dear Sir,

    the reset was an issue that only appeared with Enterprise edition customers and we addressed it immediately and the fix was included in release 5.6.X

    In terms of your graphing: can you tell me if that is for all the checks and if for a check all graphs have blank data or not
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    It only appears for some of the checks. It seems to be mostly related to checks with DRIVESPACE or other Windows checks. I created a new DRIVESPACE check after upgrading to 5.6.2 and it created the graphs properly.

    I would be fine with just getting the graphs to work from this point forward but, I do not want to have to recreate all of the monitoring rules though.

    I have 12 or 13 ping checks in addition to the drivespace checks and they all have graph data even though the counters reset.

    I am glad to hear the other issue is resolved now. We need to keep SLA data for our servers...
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    We understand the important issue regarding SLA and that's why the bug report was treated with the utmost urgency and within a matter of days a bug fix was released.

    You can reset the graphs very easily by deleting the .rrd files in the c:serverscheck_databases directory

    Question regarding the Windows checks: what is the frequency at which you do execute those drivespace checks and the ping checks.

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    It looks like all the checks that are set higher than the "Check Graph Refresh" time, are not displaying correctly.

    I deleted the RRD files for one of the checks that was set to check every 1800 seconds and reset the check time to less than the graph refresh time and the graphs started working correctly for that check.

    I really would like to leave these checks as they are... I have one set at 1800 seonds and several at 7200.

    My graph refresh time is 300 seconds.

    Any ideas?
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    Ok,... I think I got it. The graphs can only be created if the checks are performed at 999 seconds or less. If the checks are performed at any more than 999 seconds, the graphs are not updated.

    It must be an issue with the nuimber of digits. Basically, anything that has 4 digits number of seconds will not work.
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    Is there any proposed fix that will allow longer times between checks and still have the graphs create properly?
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    I have passed it on to development. Could you post it in the Development request forum so that it for sure is monitored by development?
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    Sure, I will add it to that list forum as well.

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