Sensors stop being detected and information get mixed

Hello,We have this issue : Suddenly the gateway stops detecting any or many sensors and fills the expected information with the information obtained from the others, as an example:
sensor1 Temp 21 (C) sensor2 Temp 18 (c) sensor3 airflow 3 (m/s) sensor4 shock 0.3 G
Then with no visible reason sensor2 is not detected anymore, information from other sensors moves up 1 position and now information is like this:
sensor1 Temp 21 (C) sensor2 Temp 3 (c) sensor3 airflow 0.3 (m/s)
Obviously we start to receive sensor missing and values below desired alerts, the only way to solve it is remote connect to gateway and reboot it even in the middle of the night.
It happens sometimes even twice a week. It seems like they can't be FW upgraded as our gateways are: 1x Hardware version 4.0, FW 2.11 / 2x Hardware version 5.0, FW 5.07 Is there a solution for it?


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    first check if the cables are loose as connection would be the usual problem with sensors suddenly vanishing from the sensor status tab. then try to identify if the sensor being disconnected is specific or random?
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