Test Email Unable to Send

Hardware Version : Release 5.1
Firmware Version : Release 6.00

Due to SSLv3 vulnerabilities and browser incompatibility, I was forced to reset the sensor after enabling HTTPS and losing management access. After re-configuring the device, SMTP email alerts are unable to be configured. I only receive the error "Test Email Not Sent" but no other information. We are using Exchange as our SMTP server. We originally had email alerts working prior to having to reset the device. Now the sensor will not accept the SMTP information.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Check in your Exchange logs why it doesn't work
  • CaitlynCCaitlynC
    Following the initial setup, email alerts were working properly. Our Exchange logs show the SMTP traffic. However, now that the device is reset and attempting to configure email alerts again, the device is not longer reaching the Exchange server or attempting to exchange SMTP traffic. The logs show no attempts from the device to reach the Exchange server.
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