Calibration, Expansion Unit and SMS testing

I have purchased a Sensor Gateway, Mobile Gateway and a 2x expansion unit, I am having the following issues:

1, Each sensor is slightly off by different amounts is there away to calibrate each sensor separately
2, The first port on each sensor gateway does not work, so only allowing me to have 7 sensors on each
3, Is there away to send a test SMS message as playing with the Warning Range does not trigger an alert.




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    1. all sensors are pre calibrated and you can check the sensor accuracy here .. you can also use the sensor calibration to add fixed values. Depending on airflows temperature may vary.

    2. do you mean the sensor hub? if its the sensor gateway both ports should be connected to the sensor hub. if its the sensor hub make sure you have the latest firmware for your unit then try disconnecting every sensor and just connect one on the port with the said issue. One Sensorhub per Sensorgateway is supported

    3. you can use the sensor calibration to modify thresholds and test for SMS
  • My mistake:

    2. I was referring to SensorHub port 1 (I have 2 of them), I am using the latest firmware and having the same issue on the one connected to the Sensor Gateway and Mobile Gateway.

    3, I have been trying for over a month to trigger a SMS, but I can't get it to send. Either there is something wrong with the plan or the unit is faulty. Is there anyway you could in future releases have a test SMS and test Email function?
  • if I understood that correctly both your hubs port 1 doesn't work and as i have explained on my previous comment please try plugging a sensor on port 1 without anything else and check for the result. if it does not show any sensors then do a complete reset and try again.

    for triggering an SMS through your mobile sensor gateway please check our user manual as you might have missed an instruction on page 77: topic using a local simcard for the mobile sensor gateway.
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