Getting Alerts with Wrong Date And Time

Hi Admin,

We are getting emails of Servers Check Alert with wrong date and time like this "FIS SensorGateway (Server Room) Alert:On 01 January 2012,05:30:09 (GMT+5.5) Int. Temp : WARNING (26.77)"

While the actual time was 29 November 2015, 01:05 AM (GMT + 5.5).

Please suggest, why its happening.

Device Details are as follow:
Current System Date : 29 Nov 2015
Current System Time : 02:29:28
Hardware Version : Release 5.1
Firmware Version : Release 6.00
Build Date : Jun 2 2015
Interface Type : RS232
Product Name : Temperature & SensorGateway
Product ID : SC-TS01

Please revert ASAP.

Thanks & Regards,
Rupinder Kumar


  • c2pin_itc2pin_it
    We also have checked SNTP settings are correct. We are using three devices with same configurations. Other two are working fine.
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