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Dear Experts,
I have SensorGateway device with SMS for temperature control. issue is since 1 week even temperature raising high then specified. Still not getting emails or SMS. only while restarting getting email once. Even i have checked for Repeat Alarm.

Could you please guide me to resolve this ASAP.

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    it would help this forum if you can provide us with the following details:

    1) hardware and firmware version of the sgw
    2) was it working fine before ( using same settings)
    3) are you using a private exchange server

  • Hi there
    this is an issue under v6 and v6.15
    As soon as the temperature reaches around 1 degree over the initial alarm threshold it will not email out anymore.. only restarting it gets the email to work for one go only. then it stops again
    as soon as the device reached the recover temperature it emaisl out again /
    All previous version email out from tyhe start to the end temperature, so can you look at why this has occured please.
    This is an issue with v6 onwards
  • this has happenend on 3 x 2015 devices/ 3.06 works 6 and 6.15 do not work
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    as an example on what you've said if one of your sensors reaches for example 30 as the down (upper threshold) it will send an email once and then if it goes to 31 it would no longer send an email unless it goes on to a recover status then breaches a threshold again? because if this scenario is correct then you just have to put a check mark on repeat alarm.
  • hi there
    the repeat is checked and the repeat time is 5 seconds on this device.
    i am testing a few of the 2015 devices i have and seem to have this issue on them.
    i have just put a device back to 3.06 and the same issues. it gets past 24 and them will not email me.
    i will try a few other 2015 devices. but there seems to be a hardware issue.
  • hi unit number 2015040226342 021 after being upgraded to v6 will not email past 24 if i down grade to v3.06 it will email every 5 minutes even if the polling time is 5 seconds. I will try another 2015 umit tomorrow
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    In the newest firmware we introduced a feature regarding tolerance levels whereby alerts would no longer be sent while being in the tolerance level. This is to avoid alert flooding when a sensors hovers around an alert threshold.

    The threshold loop is stopped when a device reboots. The fact that a reboot solves the issue makes us think towards an a problem with the threshold for the temperature sensor that has been defined.

    What tolerance level is set for temperature? You can find the tolerance levels in the calibration section.
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    Following several PM conversations, the issue is that the user is not getting repeat alarms when the sensor is in the Warning phase.

    By design, the Repeat Alarm option is only for the critical down alerts in order to avoid alert spamming.

    A change request has been posted for possible future inclusion.
  • Thank you for looking into this
    The alarm range was a great feature and works well in the earlier versions of the software.
    anyone who uses the ranges in earlier firmware versions needs to change the way they set the alerts in the current version. as only repeats happen past the DOWN level.
    you will only be flooded with emails (1) if there is an issue and (2) if you set the alarm levels too close to the actual temp in the rooms. there should always be a gap of a few oC or oF between the actual room temp and the alarm levels.
    The polling however is an issue as changing it from seconds to minutes has caused issues
    i am glad you have replicated the issues and look forward to a fix.
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    Firmware 6.17 has the new feature where repeat alarms is also available on Warning alerts.
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