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To Whom It May Concern:

In the cloud monitoring portal, as well as the mobile app, our gateway had a status of Offline. It was Offline for about an hour straight. During this time we did a test of the temperature alerts, and the flooding alerts, which did not work because the sensor was offline. I had to login to the web server and reboot the device from there. The reboot brought the status back to OK and all of the alerts worked. However, is this a common problem because I have noticed this numerous times in the past? If so, is there another workaround besides rebooting the device? Please get back to me as soon as possible, because we want to finish our analysis on whether or not to continue buying your products. Thank you.


  • Hi jlacovara,

    How many times did the incident occur?
    though rest assured that the concern is already forwarded to our cloud development team.
  • Hello,

    The issue has happened countless times.
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    Alright , This issue has been forwarded to our Development team and is being checked.
  • Hello,

    I need to know the status of the situation. We want to finish our analysis on whether to buy more of your products.
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    It happened again about 10 minutes ago. I pinged the gateway and I have a clear connection. So the issue has to do with the cloud monitoring platform. Please give me an update on the Development team.
  • The sensorgateway tries every 3 minutes to connect to the cloud. All monitors of our cloud do not show any down time. Our test sensors spread around the world are also reporting normally. There must be a communication issue on your end. Maybe your firewall blocking requests?
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    Thanks but no thanks. We have decided to go with another company for our project.
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