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Hey there I recently setup a Temperature & Sensor Gateway (Hardware Version :Release 5.1,Firmware Version :Release 6.17) however when I have repeat alarm enabled it seems to be somewhat random as to how often it sends an email seems to be every minute, every 2 minutes, every 5 minutes but never a consistent interval. I am wondering what the default behavior should be all I can see in the manual is that if the temperature is in the down range it should send an email every 5 minutes. Is there also no way to make that send less often, say once every 30 minutes or once every hour? I have tried adjusted the Sensor Polling Time but not sure what the best practices to set that to be is either? If someone could provide me with some info that would be very much appreciated. Thank you!


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    Sensor polling time recommended settings is 1-5 seconds so the data on the sensors is updated without any blind spot as to the repeat alarm if its on the warning range it will send an alarm every 5 minutes when it goes to the down range it will send an alert immediately and then every 5 minutes if the repeat alert is ON. Our firmware is designed so that you will be notified immediately regarding critical levels of your facility and its not advisable to wait as it is a facility that needs to be fixed. so unless the issue is fixed repeat alarm will be constant unless you turn it off.
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    I also have the same request as AC_WSP has posted above. In my case, I use the repeat alarm feature with the ServersCheck Power Failure sensor to remotely monitor the utility power for an off-site server (non-critical). My testing confirms the ServersCheck Gateway is sending a repeat email every 5 minutes exactly, while UPS batteries keep the LAN/WAN connections alive.

    For my particular application, I don't need to receive emails every 5 minutes --- which can be overkill and a nuisance. I have enough UPS runtime to last up to 12 hours for my setup. In a true power outage scenario, I would wait for the power utility to resolve the outage within several hours after receiving the first ServersCheck alarm email. Receiving the ServersCheck "recovery" email (amongst other remote monitoring methods) would let me know all is well without needing to make a field trip. For a four hour outage, a repeat alarm for every 5 minutes totals to 48 emails --- which can be too much when I'm already aware of the outage and going through other alarms.

    I understand for a mission-critical application, a 5 minute interval can be appropriate. It would be nice however to allow a user-defineable XX minutes interval like 10, 15, 45, or 60 minutes. This flexibility would be greatly appreciated.

    Could we implement this feature in a future firmware upgrade?
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    We will have it on our request list. Thanks!
  • dearldearl
    I'd also like to see this please as we get drowned in emails when the temperature keeps dipping between alert and recovery. I have set our thresholds to try to minimise this behaviour but it would still be nice to hard limit the number of alerts. Any news on a date for this as it was reported almost a year ago?

    Many thanks.
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