flood/leak sensor issue

I have 3 flood/leak sensors each with 2 - 20 ft cables connected. One particular sensor will cycle through "WET" and "DRY" periodically, even though the cables are verified to be dry. I have reconnected the cables, verified the cat5 to the sensor box. It has been ok for a couple months but just recently started again. I am thinking an extension is maybe defective?

SensorGateway is a v5 purchased last year now running the 6.17 firmware, with an expansion hub, 5 temperature/humidity probes, and 3 flood/leak sensors.


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    Hi bbear,

    Does it take seconds with regards the cycle from wet going to dry? as the cable is very sensitive even to moisture. so make sure it is dry to avoid the error. on the contrary below is a test you might want to do.

    Since you have 3 flooding sensors and only one of them is having the error use the cables on that specific sensor on all your units so that each flooding sensor will have only one cable attached without extension to easily identify the specific cable having the said issue. when the error occur (and you are sure the cable is dry) interchange that cable to another sensor and see if you get the same results. if its the same then its the cable if its not then probably it might be one of your sensors.

    if you find any of them defective then you may file an RMA https://serverscheck.com/support/rma.asp

  • bbearbbear
    Thanks. It is 5-10 seconds when it cycles and it is random when it happens during the day. I will look specifically at the cables in the next day or so to help identify if the cable is at fault.
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