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We are monitoring our several serverscheck gateways with SolarWinds via SNMP.

We have different configurations of serverscheck.
For example:
- (Configuration type 1) Gateway (SNMP-Value1) + Temp (Value2), Humidity (Value3) and Dew Point(Value4) Sensor
- (Configuration type 2) Gateway (SNMP-Value1)) + Temp (Value3), Humidity (Value4) and Dew Point(Value5) Sensor+ Dust Sensor (Value2)
- (Configuration type 3) Gateway (SNMP-Value1)) + Temp (Value3), Humidity (Value4) and Dew Point(Value5) Sensor + Leak Sensor (Value2)

You can see the external temp sensor has sometimes the SNMP-Value2 (OID but in an other configuration it has the Value3 (OID

SolarWinds shows for every machine type (Microchip Technology Inc.) the same page configuration.
And here the problem begins...
- When I add a new serverscheck with configuration type 1 in SolarWinds and add a diagramm chart with value 2 and rename this chart to External Temp. The Value and the description is ok.
- Now I add another servercheck with configuration type 2. SolarWinds is now loading the default page for all Microchip Technology devices and the value2 is now the Dust Sensor and not the Temp Sensor. So the descripton to the value is not correct. When I change the description to Dust Sensor for this configuration type 2 everything is ok but the configuration type 1 is not ok anymore.

It is easier to show it to you so I attached 2 screenshots...

So is it possible to change the machine type from Microtechnology to something different for every configuration type?
Or can we change the Value-Order?

Thank you.


  • Simon_MSimon_M
    What do you mean with configratuon? (warning and down ranges?)
    At the moment yes. But I think in the feature there will be different ranges (datacenter and network racks...)

    Thank you for your reply!
  • Hi Simon,

    I think what he meant was profiles or templates. if you have configured set of OID's on a specific template and used it for all three configurations you have mentioned then definitely the values would not match.

    as you should have separate templates on each set up (gateway with different types of sensors) unless your using the same set up (meaning same sensor type as well as the same port it is connected to) then you can use the same template.

    otherwise just add the OID's manually and as an extra mile ServersCheck have created a guide for starting up SolarWinds. ( )

  • Simon_MSimon_M
    Thanks for your response.
    As I know in SolarWinds you can just create views by device type. All ServersCheck gateways are identified as "Microchip Technology Inc." so all gateways get the exact same view. :( This is the reason why I asked, if its possible to manipulate the device type (Microchip Technology Inc.) to something like:
    - ServersCheck (GT) (Gateway, Temp)
    - ServersCheck (GTD) (Gateway, Temp, Dust)
    - ServersCheck (GTL) (Gateway, Temp, Leak)
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    This SNMP field can not be modified. Maybe Solarwinds can make a change to its software to accomodate your request.
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