OUtput Control not retaining the default state after reboot

Hi Admin,
I have a sensor hub connected to a sensor gateway Ver 5 (updated firmware also). I am using both the built in relay output controls to manage some devices. I set the "default state" of both these relays to "ON". The relays are working fine, no problem until this. But, once I reboot the sensor gateway, the "default State" will still show as "ON" but the "Current Value" of the relays will be "OFF" and I have to login to the web console and press the "UPDATE" button to bring the relays to "ON" status.

Is this a bug in the system? According to the logic, once rebooted, the output controls should be brought back to the "Default State" automatically without the need for a manual "UPDATE". Any workarounds to solve this issue.

Please respond.
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