Brief Temperature Spike of Int Temp on Sensor

We've been seeing spikes of about 5 degrees every once in a while on a sensor in one of our server rooms. We have a v5.0 sensor. We upgraded to firmware 5.11 but we still see these spikes. There's no pattern to it nor any perceivable environmental reason (like an HVAC unit cycling) that seems to be responsible.

The spike is almost always around 5 degrees and almost always lasts only about 5 seconds or so.

That seems like a large swing for such a short period of time (up 5 degrees and then back down 5 seconds later) for it to be environmental. The Ext. Sensor does not detect or alert this spike.

NJ2-SRVRCHK (NJ2 Server Room) Alert:On 01 December 2016,12:18:54 (GMT-5) Int. Temp : WARNING (83.06)
NJ2-SRVRCHK (NJ2 Server Room) Alert:On 01 December 2016,12:19:00 (GMT-5) Int. Temp : RECOVER (77.99)

We do not have a spare sensor we can place here to see if the problem is with the sensor or not.

Any suggestions?



  • Hi jmakowski,

    you can test it on a different location where in there is not much temperature change and then check if the problem is still there.

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