Servercheck Webinterface keeps showing the gateways off line

edited December 2016 in Monitoring Cloud Platform
We have 5 gateways at 2 locations that report up to the cloud. The gateways register fine and show online. Then they will suddenly be off line the next time we look. The just intermittently go offline and online. We can access the gateway even when they show off line using it's IP address, so they are not offline. We can refresh the cloud and one will come up and another will drop. Our gateways are SC-TS01 with hardware 5.1 firmware 7.31. Has anyone else ran into this problem?


  • MichaelMelder88MichaelMelder88
    yes but i have discovered that our device reboots at some point and doesn't grab the dhcp address correctly so it just assigns it a static ip and then looses connection with the cloud client. Even though the IP is within range and works.
  • Mine are hard coded with a IP Address and I verify that they are keeping that address.
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