Power Fail Meter showing PWR FAIL but has green tick state

We have an issue with the Power Fail Meter sensor sending out an email alert saying there is a power fail. The sensor status page shows all green ticks on the states for the sensors, even for the Power Meter one, but the current value is reading in red is PWR-FAIL.It has a power supply plugged into the mains and then the RJ45 cable connecting to the gateway.

We are using a Sensor Gateway which is being powered by POE. It has the old style white box power sensor plugged into one of the probe ports. There is a second sensor which is temp/humidity I think which is reporting fine and is plugged into probe 2.

We have tried re-seating cables, running a reboot, but it still shows as a PWR-FAIL. Any ideas? Thanks.


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    Either the sensor or the power adapter is defective. You could check the voltage of the power adapter to see if that gives you the 9V it expects. If it does then most likely the sensor is defective. If it doesn't have 9V then the power adapter is defective.

    If your hardware is covered by a Premium Care plan then you can request a RMA under the extended warranty included in the Premium Care plan.

    Note that the new PWR-FAIL sensors will require the latest generation of Sensorgateways
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