IFT Alerts for Individual Sensors

I want to be able to set up an IFT alert for our refrigerator sensors, but don't want to include the sensor on the base station. Currently, If I set an alert to monitor between 2-8 degrees Celsius and to set the sensor status to Warning, it does so even if the refrigerator sensor is in range but the base station is not. How do I make the IFT alerts ignore the base station?


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    this is not possible in the cloud - you would need to do it at the base unit level
  • godsowngodsown
    I feel like this should be possible since when monitoring a fridge or freezer it's not really necessary to know what the base unit temperature is reading and if using the cloud to monitor I can't tell at a glance if the fridge or freezer needs attention. Please consider adding this functionality.
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