Sensor Gateway SC-TS01 - OID random change on power outage

Hello, we have 3 Sensor Gateway SC-TS01 + External Temperature Probe + Leak Sensor, sometimes after a power outage (or a power off) the Sensor gateway does not mantain the previously assigned OID.

This is a very painful bug that force us to reconfigure Nagios almost every time.

Is there a way to freeze these OID's?


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    What firmware version are you using?
  • ijdodijdod
    based on previous posts and our supplier, this has been in the works for quite some time. No ETA known to me, unfortunately...
  • PocholloPochollo
    labanalysis ljdod what firmware are you using? as I have the latest model of gateways with firmware version 7.31 and have no problem with the OID's .. as long as the sensors are not in any way disconnected/interchanged out of the gateway it should retain the OID's even after a restart .. I tried it just now and the OID's did not change.
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