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We have setup the email alert and it was working initially. This weekend we found out couple of our servers crash due to high temperature. We noticed that there was no email alert. We checked the base unit console through the browser and it did detect the high temperature but never send out any email alert when it go above 80 degree Fahrenheit. Where should I double check the setting and why it happen.
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    in the alert history you can see if the alert was triggered or not. if that was the case then you need to check your mail server for logs to see what happened with the message sent via the base unit.

    you could also have lost internet connection for a few seconds preventing the alert to be sent unless you checked the repeat alerts.

    it is very bad practice to only have one sensor in a server room. here are the minimum requirements for performing adequate server room monitoring:

    as per standards 80F is already the upper limit.

    on top of that you can set redundancy in your alerting: not just email but also SMS and SNMP Traps to your NMS.
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    I just rebooted the device and started to receive the email. Not sure why it happen. Can someone tell me why we had to reboot the monitoring device?
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    Hi Administrator,
    Thanks for the respond. Internet and email are working fine as we are getting all email including all the users. Just this monitoring device. We two sensor not one. We did see the alert there but when we check the inbox, it was not there. So, I rebooted both sensors then all the sudden we starting to receive it. So, not sure why we had to reboot the sensor device.
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    I think the issue here is the connection of your gateway to your mail server if you see alerts on your history tab, you should check the logs there if their connection got rejected or if there was any downtime. it would also be best to have redundancy in your alerts via SMS or with SNMP traps. how large is your server room?
    because just a friendly advice, 2 sensors might not be enough for your set up if you follow the ASHRAE standards.
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