I noticed when I configured Stunnel based on the installation instructions for v14, when I accessed the ServersCheck dashboard (using a a browser that has never connected), it by-passed asking for credentials and just let me through as admin. Is there additional steps that need to be taken in order to use https with Stunnel where it will prompt for a user/pass before allowing access?


  • jburt48062jburt48062
    Looks like I was able to simply add the servername:1272 under the "connect =" section and it now prompts for the user/pass combo. Probably due to the fact an empty field with just the port would assume "localhost"
  • PocholloPochollo
    Hi Jburt48062,

    That is a great information to learn, and yes with just the port in the stunnel config it would only utilize the port 443 which utilizes certificates as base on the user manual. But still knowing it works in conjunction with third party software like stunnel and going the extra mile on giving instructions on how to use it is just great. Ill try to find other helpful configurations and maybe post it here.
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