Reports - default time range on load / refresh


I have a "last 24 hours" report in v12 and it shows the chart for the last 24 hours when I load / refresh the page, as expected. This is great to use it in a dashboard.

I created the same report in the new v14, but when I load / refresh the report page, it defaults to only show the last 30 minutes, I have to manually move the left marker at the bottom to the beginning of the specified time range to be able to see the last 24 hours. If I create a 24 hour report, I want to see the last 24 hours, if I wanted to see the last 30 minutes I would create a report for the last 30 minutes.

I really like the new version, specially the charts, they are much more detailed, but these minor issue is making me stay with v12 for now.

It would be great if it was possible to configure the chart to show the whole last 24hours when I load/refresh the report screen, or at least have the option to set the "default time range" to show on load.



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  • Hi again,

    I see one of the features of the new 14.1 release is: Fix: ZoomOut on Charts

    Does this mean that charts now default to the full time range instead of the last 30 minutes only? Because I have just installed v14.1 and it does not seem to behave like that, it defaults to the last 30 minutes.

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