Error 500 - Can't load the website.

Any time I try to log into using the e-mail and password associated with my account I receive Error 500. I've tried in IE, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. I have tried different kernels of Windows 10. I have tried on PCs, iPhones and Android. I have tried on four different ISPs. I suspect there is an issue with the website.

We are trialling three new devices and we have had them under a month.


  • One of the servers in the cluster was causing issues on some sessions. The server has been taken offline and services should be restored now.
  • Similar issue experienced this morning. We are now in but sensors are toggling on/offline.
  • Pat we are investigating
  • Pat we are investigating

    ty :)
  • Pat, sensors are still not collecting data for you - correct?
  • They appear to still be collecting data. It is just that the site is showing them toggling between online/offline when we refresh the page. Sensors 1/3/6 will show online and 2/4/5 offline, we click refresh page and 2/3/4/5/6 will show online and sensor 1 offline. Very sporadic. We relayed to the QA lab employee that the devices appear to still be collecting data but they are voicing concern over the online/offline statements.
  • Pat what is your account username?
  • Great news! The service seems to be working nicely now. Thank you.
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    Is the account we are using. All the sensors continue to collect data but the QA folks have an issue with the sensor displaying Offline even though they are working :-/
  • Appears to be all OK now. Ty for resolving this,
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