Device Status Offline

The connection to the cloud suddenly ceased to work Friday last week. It was working fine for two weeks without any issues.

We've checked the device itself and the network and all is working well. There were no changes made either.

Additional troubleshooting steps done below, but to no avail :
1. Powered off/on the device.
2. Disabled/Enable Cloud Data Upload
3. Re-entered ID and Pin.

Appreciate the assistance with the aforementioned.


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    We're in process of moving our environments into new infrastructure but it shouldn't affect connection and statuses with gateways. Could you give us more details regarding your account (email address or affected device id) so we could investigate it further?

    Best Regards,
  • Thanks Greg,

    Affected Device ID : 596d6a03ad04b
  • Thank you, we are working on this issue.
    I'll keep you updated.

  • Hi Greg,

    Additional steps taken, deleted and added a new device, still to no avail.

    New Device ID : 5a7a54c814498
  • Please try again
  • Great! The connection to our gateway device is back up. Thanks much!

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