External Temperature Sensor stopped working

Purchased the base module and some external sensors a couple of months ago and configured it at my desk before deployment. Had everything working. Moved to their final location and the external temperature sensor is not being seen now. It is getting power (light is lit), but the OLED display doesn't show it, nor does the web interface. The base is a V5 model. I have run through a factory reset on the base module to no avail. Thoughts?


  • Have you tried it to connect the temp sensor on other Sensorgateways if you have any. Just to see if it is on the port of the gateway or the actual temp sensor itself.
  • I have connected it to another port on the base unit, as well as attempt to connect it through the sensorhub to no avail. I only have the one sensorgateway base unit at this point though.
  • Jstasik, seems like your sensors is defective. If the sensor was not subject to accidental damage such as drops etc... then you can initiate a warranty repair from your order page or from your my.serverscheck.com account
  • Thank you. I attempted to create a my.serverscheck.com account (bought through a reseller) and when I click on the validate email link I am presented with the following. Can you assist with this, or is there another channel?

    PHP Notice: Undefined variable: row1 in C:\Website SC\html my.serverscheck.com\activate_account.php on line 12
  • Please try again. You can also initiate a RMA through the reseller you purchased it from; they can do it from their order page.

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