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I recently set up a gateway, sensor hub, 2 stainless steel temp sensors, and 1 temp sensor. The 2 stainless steel sensors are in a fridge and freezer. I set up email alerts to notify when the fridge and freezer pass a certain threshold but the temp reading for the freezer intermittently jumps up to over 20 degree F causing alerts to be sent out incorrectly. Both other sensors seem to be consistent. Is there anything i can do to resolve the issue. I tried importing the hardware for RMA but the order number(reseller) doesnt populate anything. I have emailed sales for this issue and no response since last week.



  • Hi @icisneros

    2 of your stainless steel temp are both doing intermittent readings?

    I would suggest that you ask for the Serverscheck Order # from your reseller (not their own Order #) so that you can register it from their site -
    or have your reseller initiate an RMA on your behalf.

  • Its only one steel temp. Yes, it is still happening. I disabled the email alert for now.
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    I also rebooted the gateway. One thing I did notice is that the Sensor Status goes from a green check mark to a red ! then back to green. At times it doesnt even detect one of the stainless steel temp sensors. I have to click on Sensor Status again for it to show me all the connected sensors.
  • Any update on this? Should I sent it in for RMA?
  • Yes you can request a RMA from your order page or from your myServersCheck account. If you have a myServersCheck+ subscription then you can get an advanced warranty replacement.
  • I swapped the steel sensor with a new one and the same thing happened. I will try a different port on the hub.
  • Since yesterday after switching the port for the TSTAIN in the freezer I have not received any false email notifications. On the other hand, I finished setting up another gateway with the same set up (gateway, hub, 3 TSTAIN) and the TSTAIN in another freezer sent out false notifications over night and the morning. The other 2 were placed in fridges, Same jump occurred sending notifications for 23F. I will try a different port on the Hub for this one as well.

    I would like to know if its an issue with the Hub or if there is anything I can do to stop this from happening.
  • Just received a false notification from the 1st gateway setup with the TSTAIN in the freezer. This seems to only be happening for the freezers. At this point I dont know what else to try.
  • You may try to test and switch the TSTAIN on the all other the ports of the hub. It could be port specific on the hub but we still dont know.

    Or you may switch the TSTAIN not placed on the freezer and vice versa and see if it sends false notifications
  • Hi Char,

    I already replaced both sensors with new replacements we have in stock just to be sure. At first, I created an RMA to replace one of the sensors until I found out the issue was replicated with any new sensor. I also tried 2 ports for each sensor on each hub. I can try a 3rd but I dont think there will be a difference.

    Both set ups are similar so I am curious why only the freezer sensor is showing this issue.
  • how about trying it out without the hub. I mean, just connect the TSTAIN direct on the gateway. If that would be a hub problem.
  • It will bring one of the sensors offline but I can try that for setup #1. I will replace the hub entirely on the 2nd setup. I am currently setting up a 3rd gateway.
  • Hello Sir,

    I have removed the hub from the gateway for one of the set ups. It is still periodically spiking in temperature. Just to make sure the second sensor wasnt affecting it I only left the TSTAIN sensor in the freezer. There has been no change.
  • Banquet Freezer
    Culinary Freezer

    I have attached the graph screenshot for both freezers. The culinary freezer is directly connected to the Gateway. The banquet freezer is using the hub.
  • So in your set up the readings on the fridge is good but any configuration no matter what stainless steel probe you use on the freezer it gives you those spikes? have you tried placing the sensor (metal piece) on to a different part of the freezer. or do you have any automated system on your freezer that has the same time pattern as you see on your graphs?
  • Correct, the fridge fluctuates like it does on these graphs but it does not spike. Yes, I have tried new steel probes and swapped probes used in the fridges but they all end up spiking.

    Correct, i have tried changing the direction and location of the metal piece. I have been working with HVAC team within our Facilities Dept. to install these. There is no automated system on these freezers.

    These ServersCheck sensors are replacing old wireless sensors that are still sending notification alerts. None report the same spike.
  • Are your sensors (metal side) is near or sticked to a metal part of the fridge? If not could you try and hang the sensor so that it will not touch any metal part of the freezer.
  • I will verify and make changes if necessary. I will provide an update.
  • Hi, I have verified that the main sensors were not touching any metal or another object
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    Hi, Just verify more, could you please set up the gateway and the hub with the stainless steel temp outside the fridge or far from it, just to check if it still have the spikes from the sensor if thats ok?
  • ok, ill go ahead and add a 2nd steel temp sensor on the 2nd probe port. Would that suffice?
  • Just to clarify the Gateway and hub are already mounted about 10 feet away from the fridge. We then drilled a hole on the freezer for the metal sensor to be placed inside.
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    icisneros said:

    ok, ill go ahead and add a 2nd steel temp sensor on the 2nd probe port. Would that suffice?

    ok but keep the sensor away from the fridge. please use the sensor that cause temperature spikes too
    icisneros said:

    Just to clarify the Gateway and hub are already mounted about 10 feet away from the fridge. We then drilled a hole on the freezer for the metal sensor to be placed inside.

    ok thanks
  • This past Friday I moved the metal sensor farther from the fridge to be on the safe side and the sensor was still spiking over the weekend.
  • are you powering up the gateway via PoE?
    and also may i ask where is the Gateway positioned?
    the spike seems consistent that we need to try to isolate as if something from outside is causing this.
  • Yes, the gateway is powered up via POE. This morning I added the external power adapter to the gateway to see if there is a difference.

    The gateway is positioned above the ceiling tiles.
  • I have ordered a POE meter and it should arrive tomorrow. I will be testing the output power at the gateway.
  • you could also check your own PoE if its consistent
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    I have. There are no errors in regards to Poe Output from the managed switch, I have received the PoE meter and will test the power as I mentioned before. What I meant to say is I will test the power at the gateway's location.
  • Due to the sensor spiking with external power added I have not measured the poe output getting to the gateway. At this point I don't know what to try.

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