Slack webhook modification

I need to modify the webhook I am using for Slack alerts. Once I entered the initial URL - I have no ability to modify.


  • @bailmon

    I actually tried it with mine and I can modify the link , so it might be with your browser.
    try to delete cookies and cache then modify the slack link
  • The only option I see in any of my sensors is 'send slack alerts, yes or no. This is inside each sensor, I do not have a slack menu item when I pull up the left nav menu.
  • @bailmon

    Then it means you have to install the latest software version after you uninstall the one you have
  • This is the version I am currently on - You are running the Monitoring Software v14.2.4 (Build 2018012201)
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    The URL to change the Slack hook is http://your_ip:1272/settings-slack.html
  • Should it be an option on the left nav along with the email and SMS?
  • @bailmon

    Yes, it should be on your left side under Settings, If you are not seeing it, I would advise you to completely uninstall the software and install it back.

  • How do I save off the sensors and history I already have setup?
  • backup the /data and /conf subdirectories and restore those after install. It seems like a software update went wrong resulting in you not seeing the correct left menu bar

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