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Is there any documentation on setting up the Leak Maps for the water leak sensors. I am unable to add a floor plan or even add any sensors. There is no button. Seems like the GUI is glitching. Please let me know if you can assist.


  • I was able to add a floor map. But I cant see how to manual add the water leak sensor.
  • Hi,

    I have checked on the user manual it is on section 3.4

  • Hi Char,

    I followed the instructions. The issue is I am not able to "place" any sensors on the map because none show up when I select the dropdown menu. I tried using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. I didnt see any add-ons to enable either. Please see the attached screenshots. No type of sensors appear of any kind.

  • I already update the Monitoring Software to version 14.3.2 and the software is licensed.
  • Any update?
  • Hi,

    Based on your screenshots, that is where you place sensors on a floor plan after you have uploaded a floor plan.

    If you will add sensors on a location map (map of the world), you would need to click group by locations and you add a specific location.
    After that you can Group by devices and edit a particular device with the location you created.
    It should now appear or you can click it on the world map to see which devices you have on that particular area on the map
  • Char the issue is that no sensors come up for me to place. Its blank or wont expand.
  • Hi,

    I've tried to select the Save Sensors & View and select Edit Floor Plan again, then I can be able to drag and place the Sensor (Temperature Sensor) on the Floor Plan Map.
  • Hi Schmitt, I am on that page but no sensors appear. It seems like a glitch.pic
  • Hi Schmitt,

    What browser did you use to test it?
  • Hi,
    I use Google Chrome..

    Have you tried to do the following?
    1. Home-->by Devices -->select the Device (in IP address) --> Edit Device-->Locations-->Add a new Location-->Save Location-->Save
    2. Home-->by Location-->Select Location on the Map-->View Details-->+ Floor Plan-->View FloorPlan-->Edit FloorPlan-->Save Name-->Save Sensors & View-->Edit Floor Plan-->Place the Sensor-->Save Sensors & View
  • Hi Schmitt,

    I added 3 devices to the location. 2 devices have water leak sensors and 1 device has temperature sensors. I added the temp sensor device to test different sensor types.

    After adding the devices to the location I can go to the EDIT FLOOR PLAN page and expand the temperature sensors but I am not able to expand the Flooding Sensors link at all. I can see the 3 temp sensors to place on the map but no leak sensors. Please see attached pictures.

  • Hi,

    It seems to be a bug on the latest monitoring software version as I cannot add a flooding sensor also on the leak map.

    I hope this will be fixed soon.

  • Thanks Char, please inform the right team of the issue. Or is there a way for me to contact them?
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    Any update? I specifically bought the monitoring software license for this feature. The product video showed a working product.
  • I would really appreciate an update or else Ill be contacting you for a full refund. The license was not cheap and makes me wonder how may people have it for the same reason as me.
  • @icisneros please refer to release 14.3.4
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