Firewall rules

We are using Serverscheck sensors to monitor server room temperature. Do I need any firewall rules creating for the sending of SMS messages? I can't see a way of testing SMS currently. There is no "Test SMS" button as there is in the user manual. i don't know if we are on an older version. If I uncheck the "Enable SMS" button does the test option appear?
We are on:
Hardware Version : Release 5.0
Firmware Version : Release 4.1
Build Date : Mar 14 2014

Thanks in advance, Andy.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Current firmware is 7.50 Seems like yours is about 5 years old. Unfortunately we can't help with older versions. Hopefully someone else in the forum can assist you.
  • Srvr_TempSrvr_Temp
    OK. I thought as much. I will update the firmware. I'm guessing I will get the test SMS button then??
    Can I upgrade straight from my existing firmware to the latest version?
  • sensor212sensor212
    I think you may need to check when you purchased your unit.
    As I have seen on their downloads section for firmware 2 options, if purchase 2013 or earlier and if purchase 2014 or later.

  • Srvr_TempSrvr_Temp
    OK. Thanks. I think it was pre 2013 so I will download and install that one.
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