We see strange values with one sensor in our colo room

We are monitoring our sensors with PRTG. But one sensor is giving several times a day vallues that cannot be correct. We see a temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius in seconds. It is only one sensor, the other in the same room is not behaving like this. Is the sensor failing, or is there a way to reset anything so it wont do this again?



Here you can see the raw data, where the temperature is going up in a miniute and needs a long time to recover:


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    As per user manual the built-in temperature probe can be calibrated using an external. Internal heat (especially when using PoE) can create difference in temperature. This can be offset using the calibration option. It is highly recommended to use calibrated sensors in critical environments. Also temperature sensors do drift. This requires recalibration (typically once per year depending on standards followed). This applies to temperature sensors of any brand.
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