Firmware 8.1 Upgrade Issues

When trying to upgrade the firmware of a device from 7.31 to 8.1, the sensor goes back to factory defaults as opposed to keeping it's existing settings. The release notes indicate this should only occur if running firmware 3.04 or earlier. The same behavior was observed on 3 different v5 SensorGateways. Is this a known issue that is being corrected with a future release?

Also, v8.1 does not seem to eliminate the use of SSL3.0, preventing use of https with a current generation browser. When is this issue expected to be corrected in a future firmware release?

Thank you.


  • OhMySensorOhMySensor
    I have simulated your scenario, and tried configuring my gateway, settings were retained on my side.
    What were the configured settings on your side though? I have on me emails, sensor names and alerts.

    I think the beta version of FW8.0 has the option to use HTTPS, I have read here that it is already on their roadmap.
  • MK2019MK2019
    The device may have kept some settings (I did not check all of them), but network configurations (IP, etc.), password, SNMP settings, etc. reverted back to defaults. All we did was upload the new firmware and allow the system to reboot - the same steps I used to update the devices after I reset them to factory defaults and brought them back up to v7.31 (after reconfiguring the devices). Going from the factory default firmware to v7.31 displayed no issues with maintaining the device configurations.

    As far as the https, when you turn that option on, no up-to-date browser can be used to access the device since they block any connections to SSL3.0 (at least IE, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox). Fortunately, I was able to find a 2014 version of Firefox that would allow me to connect with a warning and allow me to turn off the https option. Yes, the website makes reference to supporting TLS 1.2 and eliminating SSL 3.0 starting with v8 of the firmware. However, comments made by the forum administrator in "Public Beta 8.0/TLS 1.2" indicated (as of Feb 2019) the TLS 1.2 support was pushed back. However, I can find no other reference that identifies when the capability is expected to be released.
    After upgrading to firmware v8.10, the dew point readings are high. With v8.00, the range was around 43-45 degrees. Now it hovers around 85-100 degrees. If I reload v8.00, it goes back to the lower range. Is there something with v8.10 that is causing this?

    Any update on the SSL 3.0 issue?

  • adminadmin
    Hi AHNGS,

    We apologize for the inconvenience , the dew point calculation is a known bug and is already being fixed.

    as for the HTTPS is still on the roadmap for future firmware releases.

    I reloaded v8.10 but now the sensor status screen is not displaying anything. It's only showing the headings.

  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Clear your browser cache
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