Username & Password on url

Dear All, good day.
I have a BASE WIRED (SensorGateway) with two infrared sensors.
In order to show the thermal image inside our scada system I need to put the username and password in url directly. Is possible?
Another way, is possible to disable the username and password from the gateway?
Fabio (Italy)


  • SchottkySchottky
    hello Fabio, if you have issue on username and password, I think you may try to revert back the SGW firmware to version 7.5 as it also supports Thermal Camera Sensor.
    You may visit this link to download the firmware version:
    I think, there is no way to disable the username and password on latest firmware release version 8.1
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Password can not be disabled. As per web standards: -- this sends the credentials in the standard HTTP "Authorization" header.
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