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What do I have to define to scan a Lotus Notes Database ? Wasn't successfull to do so... ;-(

Servername: only the servername or the complete X400-name (server/company/de) ?

What does it mean to define "The database and its connection have to be defined in the Notes Client too" ? The icon has to exist on the desktop, a connection in the addressbook must be available ?

Is Serverscheck ready for R5 & R6 ?




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    Dear Thomas,

    it was designed against R6 of Lotus Notes. You need to have the Lotus Notes client running on the same server as where ServersCheck runs.

    The Notes client will have to be able to connect to the database you want to test.

    Once that works then it should be running ok. If not then please drop us an email at


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    I have the same problem like Thomas. The connection between the Client and the database is working, but I am not able to establish a connection using serverscheck.

    If I understand it right I have to run the client parallel to the check.

    Do I need to enter the username or the id file for the check?

    Is the Notes server version important?

    is there a log whith an error-message to locate the problem?

    Thanks for your help

    Best regards


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    Dear Thorsten,

    You need to have the Notes Client installed on the computer (Notes 6 or higher). The client does not need to be running. Just installed.

    You can check it by running the Notes monitoring agent from the command line with a valid configuration file. This should provide you additional debugging information.


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    Dear Forum Admin,

    Notes Client 6 installed. Working. I have access to my database.

    I can see a valid password and the valid servername as well as a valid database path and name in the config file.

    still get the message :

    Open failed, could be missing file, no authorization, or down server

    Does the programm need a specific location for the notes.ini or the file?



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