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I have a fairly large number of ping rules that test various devices across the Internet. I am getting alerts from time to time that the devices are not responding. However, I am very confident that the devices are indeed working properly. I bumped up the number of retries and this has helped the problem, but now I am testing 6 times with 3 minute intervals and the alarms are still happening from time to time. The alarm will go off and then the system will recover within a minute or so.

Can you tell me if the ping response wait time is something that can be adjusted (assuming this is the problem - a slow link causing the pings to fail)?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Michael Bruck


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    No the ping timeout can not be adjusted. The retries are done one after another so without considering the interval.
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    What do you suggest to do to correct the ocasional failures? Just more retries? If so, any suggestions on how many?
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    I would increase the retries and maybe we should ask the possibility to add timeout as a value.

    if the systems you are monitoring can be checked through TCP then I would use that check

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