Temp alerts for individual temp sensor

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Is it possible to set a Threshold Alert to only be for a SPECIFIC temperature sensor?

For example, I have temp checked at the front and back of my rack. I deliver cooling only to the front. I want to have an alert if the front temp goes above 28. But the temp at the back is always around 28 (once the cooled air has passed through the gear).

Currently, I cannot set a usable alert because my highest temp sensor is always in warning...


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    you define alert levels in the base unit at a sensor level so you can have multiple ranges for multiple sensors
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    I understand that, and have done so, but I mean through the my.InfrastructureMonitoring.com website. I went to set the alerts there but they apply to all Sensors of type Temp, and do not pickup the individual ranges set on the device itself.
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    You'll be able to accomplish that through IFT alerts by specifying a particular device as part of the test condition.

    The IFT alerts require a Premium Cloud account. For the free cloud offer alerts can be set only at a sensor type level.

    Please note that cloud support is community based only.

    Topic will be moved to the My.InfrastructureMonitoring.com thread
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