Tried to set up account

I tried to set up an account and it just keeps coming back now and saying the "Account is Inactive". Also not sure how the userid and pin is allocated. By the way I have never got an email back when I established the account. I just tried another email address and still get nothing back by email.


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    When you register for the cloud version of our Infrastructure Monitoring Platform, then the system sends you an email from You need to click on the link in that email to get your account verified. Make sure the domain is whitelisted on your mail servers.

    You can request the confirmation email to be resent by going to the forgot password option

    The UID & PIN for SMS is explained on page 35 of the user manual in a step by step guide.

    If you refer to the DeviceID and PIN then that is explained in a step by step guide on pages 79-81

    Should you require commercial support, then see our optional Premium Plans at htps://
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    That just great but despite many tries we have never received an email back. Nothing in any of our Junk or Spam folders on the server either.
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    Issue resolved - customer mail server was blocking our emails.
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