Firmware 6.0 - Not able to see sensor status in IE11 - Windows 8.1

It's not possible to see the sensor status in FW 6.0 and Internet Explorer 11 any more.
Was working perfect with the last version. Now the page loads fine, but no data is shown.

Also the email and alert settings are gone after the update.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    edited July 2015
    This is a known issue. Please use Chrome or Firefox instead or downgrade your firmware

    Usually doing a reload of the page fixes the issue in IE11
  • MeAtSCMeAtSC
    Reload fixes nothing.

    Don't want to use a different browser. It's to annoying to remember witch browser to use where,
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    If you don't want to use a different browser, then downgrade in the mean time.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    update. tested on windows 10 , IE11 , everything is working fine.
    Hello I can't view the temperature in the browser, I changed the password, but can't remember so i am unable to view it using the browser
  • Hi Duncan,

    Please post a separate topic for your issue.

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