Offline and dead batteries after one week

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Wireless sensors drop off after an hour of connectivity, batteries dead after one week (2 of the 15 shipped with dead batteries). Product claims to have 45 day complimentary setup? Havent been able to get any help other than to purchase a "premium Care" support. I see through these forums there are plenty of issues with connectivity and not many answers following, of there isnt a secure fix for this product please let me know and i will continue in another direction/product.
Received product in March 2016
Firmware is updated, sensors wont even connect with hub right next to, PoE is online.
I would appreciate some assistance or return procededures.


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    Let's tackle every issue at a time:
    1) we have no record of any purchase matching your email address; not the domain name. Just a cancelled order from February 16th. It was cancelled due to no payment being received.
    2) The complimentary 45 day setup support is for direct orders. Do you have your order ID (last 5 digits)?
    3) Wireless sensors are normally shipped without batteries as per our website. Battery type: coin - CR2450 (not included)
    4) for a return? who did you order it from?
    4) What is the distance from the wireless hub to the sensors?
    5) Are the sensors inside a rack?
    6) If yes to point 5, then is this an open or closed rack? (as you know racks behave with closed doors like a Faraday cage meaning that you might need a higher gain antenna if possible at all)
    7) I checked all posts and no post has been left unanswered in the moderated forums (hardware). All other forums are not moderated by support. Kindly indicate which posts have not been answered as per your claim.

    I hope you appreciate the support given within 7 minutes of your post despite no trace of your order and no support agreement being purchased :-)
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    Thanks For the quick response!
    1,2) Order number 17J6I
    3) All came with batteries, and a void if opened foil. to change out the battery would that mean it would automatically void the product?
    4) Ordered from
    Distance at the moment are all within 5 ft. i had to pull every sensor and confirm they would connect eliminating the distance issue.
    5)no sensors in rack
    7) Post was during forum acceptance period.
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    1) A support ticket was submitted by the buyer and we replied to him. So that's solved
    3) Don't worry warranty is not void. Batteries should not have been included - our apologies for this and for the sticker confusion
    4) It was indeed ordered through a different company and not matching your email domain
    5) A 5ft range should not be a problem.

    If you want then you can request a RMA from your order page. We will then send to units back to our factory. There they will test the units and repair any defective issue (if found defective). Work (inspection fee) on non defective units will be charged.

    We will now return to the standard 2 business days response time for customers without a support agreement.
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