IO Dry Contact Sensor SNMP Issue

I have a problem with our IO Dry Contact Sensor's. I Have a problem with SNMP polling the status of any / all of the input contacts. When they change state the web UI shows they have changed state correctly. Also they show when the contact resets to the normal position. The issue is that when the contact changes the SNMP poll reflects this. When the contact resets, the SNMP still shows as triggered. The only way to reset this is to reboot the gateway. I Am running the latest firmware available.


  • adminadmin
    Hi Simon,

    are you using the correct OID's? what OID are you using?

    The reliable OIDs range for it starts from .
  • simonstonesimonstone
    i have tried polling for input value 1 and I get nothing retuned. I also tried polling for input value 8 and also got nothing...

    Unfortunately I have overwritten the OID I was using with the on you suggested. Does the sensor have to be connected to a specific port for the OID tree to be valid?
  • yes because those input ID correspond to the port number you have so what I would suggest is plug your unit on one of the ports do an snmp walk and then check the changes .. but ports 1 - 8 correspond to input 1 - 8 .. for port number 8 I believe it is . .. you missed the "0"
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