Monitoring Appliance device setup


I'm trying to setup the Monitoring Appliance device, but I have some problems:

1) I've connected the device to the power and to the network
2) It gets the IP address from DHCP server
3) If I ping the device I get no reply
4) If I try to open the Web page htttp://"ipaddress":1272 it doesn't work
5) I've connect the device to an external monitor using the HDMI cable but I cannot see any image on the screen.

Any suggest on what else to check?



  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Is a red light visible in the right corner of the device?
    Does your HDMI cable work?
  • ACarrozzaACarrozza

    I've solved thanks, I've tried with a different HDMI cable and now it works.

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