SNMP not working

I'm having some problems with 2 SensorGateway v5. When I tried to change the SNMP community the SNMP got disabled and I'm not able to re-enable it. The firmware I'm using is 7.31 and I tried to upgrade one of the devices to 7.41 but the problem is still the same. I've tried to do a factory reset on one of them but as soon as I change the community the SNMP becomes disabled again.

Is anyone having the same problem/know the solution?


  • Plozzaa

    make sure that enable SNMP agent is checked.

    Also try it on other browsers.
  • PlozzaaPlozzaa
    Hi, thanks for the answer. It's the SNMP Agent that I'm enabling. and every time that I hit that submit button and the ServersCheck does a reboot the settings is reset to default community and disabled SNMP Agent.

    I've tried with Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox 57.0.2

    Nothing seems to work.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    What is the length of your custom SNMP community string?
  • PocholloPochollo

    how many gateways do you have and does all of them have the issue or just this one your talking about. I think you need to perform a full reset of that gateway and see if it helps.

    Full reset is settings and firmware reset done after the other. you can find how on the serverscheck user manual found here

    cheers to you mate~
  • PlozzaaPlozzaa
    The SNMP community string is 8chars long, never had any problems with that before.

    We have around 50 gateways around the world. We havn't had this problem until the 2 devices that i asked about in this thread.

    The problem with a full reset is that the gateway is around 300miles away. I'll try to figure out some smart way to solve the problem.

    Thanks again for all the answers.
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