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After the update from 4.4.9 to 5.1 the license (a new one was requested) is not accepted - upgrade shows:


    You are currently using the freeware version of ServersCheck (release 5.0.1)and this the latest release of ServersCheck. This freeware version is limited to only 3 checks. Purchase a PROFESSIONAL license today and perform an unlimited number of checks and add the ability to manage ServersCheck remotely with SMS alerting.With the ENTERPRISE license you have a fail-over (redundant) ServersCheck implementation including ODBC logging and customer specific output (per group).

Please advice (thanks).


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    Problem solved by restoring the previous license from backup; rebooting the server; putting the new license again in place and rebooting the server again.

    Sorry for any inconvenience,


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    What is user & passwrod for prove servercheck standard version 5.0.7, please.
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    When trying to connect with your browser to ServersCheck (http://<yourcomputername>:1272) then following are the username & password.

    username: demo

    password: demo

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