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hi, I'm trying to work out what the best way is to publish the content of Servers Check to the outside world. I can publish the html output easily enough through IIS on a windows 2000 server, and I've amended the template .html to include an auto-refresh so it refreshes the html page in the browser every 10 seconds.

However I'm wondering if it's possible to publish the main serverscheck page (http://localhost:1272) by changing the URL the site is running on and also the port. I know you can change the port in the serverscheck.port but it's the URL I'm interested in changing.

Basically it would be more ideal if I could publish the main serverscheck page through IIS and not just the html output.

Advice appreciated.



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    Dear Scott,

    that is not possible as such due to the simple fact that ServersCheck uses internal application server to perform the tasks.

    However there is a workaround by using ASPTearing that allows you to put between the surfer and the ServersCheck website an IIS server.
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