E-Mail Notification ist not complete

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the E-Mail notification ends after the last letter of the placeholder %g.

Can you tell me how to define Groups?

The notifikation is complete if i allot no Group to the Check...

Thanx Gusti


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    I use the Version 5.0.4
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    Groups can be defined in the Configuration Setting.

    Can you give me the first line of your serverscheck.conf file?
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    here it is:

    SMTP:<X><X><X><X><X><X>NTSDTSD<X>USER<X>Passwort<X>alerts@Our-Domain.com<X>%l ist %s<X>Der Status des Check "%l" aus der Gruppe "%g" hat sich verändert und ist nun "%s"! Grund: "%e"<X>2

    The Body out the E-Mail is:

    Der Status des Check "test.txt auf L verfuegbar" aus der Gruppe "File-Check

    Here is the groups.conf - file, too:







    Thanx Gusti

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    It might be that the " sign is causing problems. Can you leave it and try again?
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    It makes no difference: Der Status des Check test.txt auf L verfuegbar aus der Gruppe File-Check

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    I don´t think that it is a problem of the Textdefinition.

    I think the problem is in the groups.conf

    If the Field "Group" in the Check-Definition is blanc the E-Mail is complete...

    Is the format



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    if it does not have a value set then it should skip it. Try to do it without the %g

    The structure is of the groups.conf is ok.
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    without the %g the text ist o.k. ...

    ...what can i do?
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    The issue has been passed on to development. They will fix it asap.

    I apologize for the incovencience.


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