s-service freezes about every 3-5 days


I have Standard edition 4.4.7 and I have had it installed for a month or so. After a while, I went back to the configuration/status and found that the checking had froze a few days prior. So, I stopped restarted the service hoping it was a fluke. I kept a closer eye on it and found that after 3-5 days, the service stops checking and simply freezes. It does not restart automatically (like it's supposed to if it fails), but simply does not go through it's checks like it should.

This is the 3rd time I've restarted it since then and it's getting somewhat frustrating to have a monitor freeze up, obviously not giving me notification of such, when it should be checking for other servers freezing or stalling.

If this is an indication of how the Professional edition runs, I certainly will be hesitating if not looking elsewhere before purchasing.


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    Dear Max,

    Thank you for reporting this. In release 5.0 the architecture has been redesigned from the ground up and from the tests and feedback we had, this has not occurred.

    Please note also that you are also not running the latest release of 4.4.X range as the last version that came out is 4.4.9

    As such I strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest release, 5.0.5

    For an overview of the changes please visit following URL:


    To download 5.0.5:


    Kind regards,

    Forum Administrator
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