high cpu usage?

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I'm using the latest version of serverscheck and I've noticed it's using 100% of my CPU.

Any suggestions as to where I should look to improve this? The server is a P4 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM and windows 2003.



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    It should not continously use 100% CPU unless it has many checks to perform. ServersCheck should run on a dedicated machine and it is designed to use all available resources to monitor as quickly as possible all systems.

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    It checks 15 servers at 5 minute intervals. I'll probably just get another server to dedicated to this purpose. Btw, is their an upgrade path from the pro version to the enterprise version? If so, how much?

    Also, I"m not too clear on the licensing for the enterprise version. I'm interested in the failover option, but this license is only for 1 server, isn't it? So I'd need two to use the failover service?
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    You can upgrade from Professional to Enterprise at any time. You only pay the difference between the list price of both versions. The upgrade price is 218 USD/EURO

    The upgrade possibilities are listed on following URL:


    The Enterprise Edition allows you to install ServersCheck on 2 computers within one license. This is not correctly stated on our website (we will rectify it asap).


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