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I am trying to setup the URL HTML check for an internal Web server. It always fails. When I try with an external web server it works.

To access the inernal server we do not need to use the proxy server. So I did not filled the proxy info fields.

Here is a copy of the conf file :

URL|X|Test web|X|1|X|180|X|email|X||X||X|true|X|true|X|lt|X|399|X|true|X|lt|X|2000|X|http://tentation/appliinfo_pool<X>Bienvenue<X><X><X><X>;|X||X|98|X|yes|X|60|X||X||X|Only when down|X||X||X|90|X||X||X|<X>|X||X|yes|X|<X><X><X>|X|<X><X>|X||X|Attention web serveur down|X|no
Another question is : how can I check a site that requires authentication ?


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    Is there a proxy server defined or a proxy client running on the ServersCheck computer (like ISA).

    Some sites support basic authentication login as follows:



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    There is no proxy installed on the Servercheck PC.
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    Is the server "tentation" known as a DNS entry or have you tried replacing it with its IP address?
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    The server tentation is known in dns.

    It seems that we have this problem because the authentication is requested by the web server which is installed on Windowss 2000 & IIS 5.

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    Yes make sure that it is does not use Windows Authentication.
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    I think it does.
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    Unfortunately Windows Authentication does not support the way ServersCheck performs the content check.

    A way to bypass it is to configure a mirror site (on the IIS server) with no authentication and only the IP of the computer on which ServersCheck runs, has access to it.
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