All alerts are failing

Hello all,

I have a pretty serious issue. My company recently purchased the Enterprise edition. Up until Monday the email alerts were being received in the appropriate admins inbox. Now, no email alerts are arriving anywhere. Tomorrow is the day to unviel this. LOL.

Thanks for the help.


  • jim.tuttlejim.tuttle
    Hhehe, this day couldnt get any worse.

    What serverscheck is doing now is not changing the last performed rule. I have no idea if this is even working. I shut services down and bring them up. I receive nothing from serverscheck.

    I appreciate any and all suggestions. Please.

  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Dear Jim,

    1/ What version are you using? 5.0.7?

    2/ What is the content of the log files in the alerts/logging subdirectory

    3/ is the app s-alerts.exe running (you can see this in the task manager)


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  • AdministratorAdministrator

    if it does not change the last performed rule, then it is likely that the service is no longer running or that a process died. Can you verify for an entry in the Windows Event Log (Application) to see if there is an entry?


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