What is my ADSL speed?

I am a novice to this monitoring program and I am interested to monitor the in and out speeds of my ISP provider.

I have just upgraded from ADSL 100 to 300 and would like to see if the speed has incresed significantly.

How do I read this from the on-line monitoring screen?

Grateful for your input.


  • yachtmarineyachtmarine
    Using a simple speed check I received the following data:

    MTU= 1500

    Speed= 100 mbit

    Download= 3.89 MB

    Upload= 25.53 KB

    DL speed= 3 - 27 KB/s (variable)

    Based on this info can anyone tell if I have ADSL 300 connection?

    There is of course a difference between "megabytes" ( MB) and "megabits" (mbit)
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