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We are currently trying serverscheck and started the purchasing process.

If the server that serverschek is monitoring is up, then, serverscheck displays the status in graphics drawing green lines. But when the server is down it just don't draw anything. I think it should draw red lines in graphics to display down status, am I right?. I updated the last version 5.0.14.

Regards,Suat Ugurlu.


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    We identified the issue and have solved in the build that will go out within 1 hour (5.0.15).


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    Eventhough I updated to the last version (5.0.15), it still does not draw red lines.

    Regards,Suat Uðurlu.

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    Has it never drawn the check or it happened when going from OK to DOWN?
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    I Updated the software, then monitored for a while.
    Then I made a server down that serverscheck is monitoring.
    It displayed down status in the home page but in graphics it didn't draw
    any red lines. Just blank. After making the sevrers up, serverscheck begin to
    draw green lines again.


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    Do you mean the HTML output or the default image with the green and red dots?
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    in html output graphics, when serverscheck draws service availability graph,
    it displays it with green color. But when the server is down, it dosen't draw anything just blank. When the server is up again, it begins to draw with green color again.

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    I restarted the computer serverscheck is running. Its ok now.
    Thanks for your help.


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